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My Jamaica Celebrity Feature

My Jamaica

Deane Shepherd
Managing Director, Blueprint Consulting

I love Jamaica because of its easy going and relaxing atmosphere… Nothing is ever a real problem, and the more love you give to your fellow Jamaicans is the more you receive from them, so it will always be my favourite place.

There are many things I enjoy doing here. Going for food at East Japanese is awesome because of their quality and consistency, and it’s also a great place to hang out and chat with friends. Faith’s Pen is another favourite food spot of mine, and for ultimate relaxation I love being on the beach in Negril… but my favourite part of the island is definitely Kingston, the capital city.

A good party every now and then is a must, and Kingston has many high-energy events to check out. Osmosis has been one of the premiere nightlife events for years, so it would be my favourite, then of course there’s Fiction Lounge – the premium spot to go clubbing in Kingston. I go there on Saturday nights to their Ultra party series, and I always have a blast!

Plus with so much happening, you have to look your best on the social scene. Kingston has a number of trendy retail outlets that I like to shop at including Shimmer, Xtra’s and the Puma store.

I highly recommend a visit to Jamaica for just about anyone as there are plenty of awesome destinations and activities here to be explored, and Kingston especially is full of surprises worth experiencing.

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